Joseph Mohr

Joseph Mohr

Josephus Franciscus Mohr, aka Josephus Franciscus Mohr (11 December 1792 – 4 December 1848) was an Austrian Roman Catholic priest and writer, who wrote the words to the Christmas carol "Silent Night."

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Silent Night – Arrangement

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Mass of Saint Roch – Alleluia


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Fugue 4 Parts - Score Cover

Fugue 4 Parts – String Quartet

I wrote this Fugue 4 Parts during my composition studies in 2005. Even if it was “just” an exercise, I really consider this piece as an actual composition work, which I like to play every now and then. There are two versions of the fugue: a version for organ and a version for string quartet. You can download the string quartet version here. For the organ version, please go there.

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