Odile Riondet

Odile Riondet

Odile Riondet is an author in the religious field. Holder of a PhD in linguistics and a Bachelor Degree in theology, she participated as a literary consultant in the new liturgical translation of the Bible.

She also wrote the lyrics of many liturgical songs or sacred music:

  • Cantata for passion with Henri Dumas;
  • Tropaire for a wedding with Christian Métayer;
  • Tropaire and entrance song with Stéphane d'Oultremont.

She is also involved in writing groups that work on texts of baptisms, weddings and funerals.

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Mass of Saint Roch – Alleluia


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Dieu notre Père, voici le pain - Score Cover

Dieu notre Père, voici le pain

This canon offertory is the very first song I wrote in 1993, I was 17 years old. Published in the magazine Chantons en Eglise n°112, Dieu notre Père, voici le pain has been selected for the Bishop’s Ligurgical Song Promotion in 2010, which selects the 20 best songs of the year to promote in French parishes.

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