Bach’s Magnificat

Bach's Magnificat

The Ho Chi Minh City Ballet Symphony Orchestra and Opera (HBSO) is proud to introduce you to its new concert: Bach’s Magnificat, the sacred music masterpiece by Johann Sebastian Bach.

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Discover my new composition

Chantez au Seigneur - Score Cover

Chantez au Seigneur – Motet on a Psalm of Saint Francis of Assisi

I composed this motet, Chantez au Seigneur, based on psalm 9 and verses from Saint Francis of Assisi for the vocal ensemble Harmonia Sacra, based in Valenciennes (north of France) in 2004. I decided to revive it for the International Choir and Orchestra of Ho Chi Minh City, and therefore added an orchestration in 2019. ICOHCMC performed it in May 2019.

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