Anne Secq-Delecroix

His compositions resemble him: generous and sensitive

I met Grégory in September 2006 at the Conservatory of Roubaix, he was studying harmony and counterpoint with my colleague Franck Zigante and wanted to be trained as an orchestrator in my class.

His thirst for learning, his musical curiosity and his enthusiasm were as compelling as his personal involvement for studies, he, the atypical self-taught musician, who had felt unjustly rejected by some institutions. He achieved, within a few years, impressive progress, which allowed him to develop his skills, serving his passion: composition.

Since then, despite the geographical distance, a beautiful friendship binds us and I am very touched to see how important music is in his life. I closely follow the evolution of his compositions, which resemble him very much: generous, sensitive, with appealing melodies, a close relationship between text and music, and an unconditional love for counterpoint.

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