Mass of Saint Roch - Score Cover

Mass of Saint Roch


I composed the Mass of Saint Roch from 2009 to 2011. It is written for choir SATB and organ, but also includes a SSA version for children voices. Saint Roch is rather popular in the north of Europe and in the city of Cambrai (my diocese) has a church named after this saint.

Biography of Saint Roch
Saint Roch was a French noble, orphaned at 20. Legend claims that he had a red cross birthmark on his chest. He gave all his possessions away and made a pilgrimage to Rome, where he cared for plague victims. When he contracted the disease himself, he retired to a woods to die. It is said that a dog befriended him, brought him bread and licked his wounds. A spring arose where he laid. He recovered and traveled back to France where he was imprisoned as a spy and died. It was then that he was identified as Roch because of the red cross on his chest. He is the Patron Saint of dogs.

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Included in this album

Mass of Saint Roch – Penitential Act
Mass of Saint Roch – Gloria
Mass of Saint Roch – Alleluia
Mass of Saint Roch – Sanctus
Mass of Saint Roch – Agnus Dei

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About the Piece


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